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ARTEM Suite helps you keep everything in view when planning exhibitions in small and large venues.

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Flexible and simple exhibition management

The ARTEM Suite is easy and intuitive to use.
Flexible and cost-effectively adaptable to your needs.


Record objects in the selection process with exactly the information your next exhibition requires.


Organise art loans and logistics.

Manage insurance, contracts & contacts.


Assign a department or responsible person.
Quickly update information from the restoration of the exhibits.

Manage tools

Manage what else is needed for an exhibition. Condition & availability of frames, showcases, transport boxes and projectors.

Plan rooms

Record rooms to scale. Assign exhibits already during the object research.

Screenshot ARTEM Suite

With ARTEM Suite, I can keep track

of several aspects for hundreds of exhibits.


Württemberg State Museum

At a glance

The ARTEM Suite offers modules for different tasks.
These build on each other and bring the information together.

Screenshot ARTEM Exhibition Planner

I have to exchange ideas with colleagues all the time. The Exhibition Planner helps me because everyone has direct access.


Württemberg State Museum

Exhibition Planner

The heart of ARTEM Suite.

  • Plan the exhibitions as projects and adapt the available data fields to the respective context.

  • Record & manage all exhibits by assigning them to buildings & rooms, assigning responsible persons or departments for restoration.

  • You can store several images, documents and other media for each museum piece. In addition, new information from the restoration can be added at any time.

  • Manage contacts of lenders, insurance companies, logistics companies and other parties involved.

  • Document loans and transport as well as the loan status of exhibits.

  • All data can be exported as a PDF file or used as a CSV or JSON file at any time.

  • The complete documentation, including the history of changes, is permanently available.


Everything else needed for an exhibition.

  • Record and manage all the tools of your institution in one central location: showcases and frames, but also projectors or transport boxes.

  • Assign all exhibits of an exhibition to these tools and get a transparent overview of availability.

  • In addition, you can also record the condition of the tools and other objects.

Screenshot ARTEM Toolbox
Screenshot ARTEM Room Planner

Room Planner

Finally, no more notes on the walls.

  • Record and manage your premises to scale.

  • Already during the object research, you can assign rooms to facilitate a prioritisation selection process.

  • The visual and intuitive display allows you to coordinate effectively with the exhibition design department.

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Advantages - made to measure

Do you also know this? You buy a software that can do "everything" but is therefore unfortunately very complicated and difficult to learn...

Thanks to its flexible architecture, ARTEM Suite can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to your individual needs in exhibition management. No matter whether you run a small or large museum - from local history to natural history - or a gallery..

Contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Always included

Common database

All employees work on a common database and thus save time.

Through a clear authorisation system, everyone only sees what is relevant.

Existing collection data can be quickly imported from other systems.

Hosting & IT Security

We run the ARTEM Suite on servers in Germany.

We ensure industry-standard IT security through, among other things, trusted data rooms, encrypted communication, regular security updates & periodic backups.

Inclusive design

It is important that everyone can use our software. To this end, we follow the principles and guidelines of the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" (WCAG 2.1).

This includes, among other things, the use of clear and easily understandable structure & language, sufficiently high (colour) contrasts, and support for keyboard control and text scaling. 


The following packages are examples of how we can meet the different needs of small to large teams in terms of functionality, capacity and support.

Small teams

For museums & galleries with a small team.

Exhibition Planner


5 users

5 projects

1 training

Medium teams

For museums & galleries with a larger team and external partners.

Exhibition Planner


25 users

25 projects

3 support tickets / month included

1 training

Large teams

For museums & galleries with a very large team and external partners.

Complete suite

50 users

50 projects

10 support tickets / month included

2 project integrations / year included

2 trainings

ARTEM Background 3.png

In 3 steps to ARTEM Suite

1. Joint kick-off meeting

Definition of the initial setup,

adjustments if necessary

and timeline

2. Handover & Training

Data integration

and provision of access,

personal training + manual

3. Test phase & GoLive

Up to 4 weeks test phase,

introduction into line operation

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